Kelsey Smith-Briggs    Kelsey Smith-Briggs

Raye Dawn Smith    Raye Smith - first meeting Kelsey

Raye and Kelsey    Raye and Kelsey

Lance Briggs    Lance Briggs, Kelsey's father

    Mike Porter, Kelsey stepdad





Kathie J. Briggs    Kathie Briggs, Lance's mother

Kelsey, Gayla, and Ray Smith    Gayla & Ray Smith,  Raye's parents

Shirica    Shirica, Lance's sister

Jeanna and Randy Fowler    Jeanna, Lance's sister

Randy, Raye's cousin


Stephen Jones    Stephen Jones, Raye's attorney

Britten Follet    Britten Follett, Biased reporter

Cherokee Ballard and Britten Follett

Britten Follett and Cherokee Ballard, biased reporters

Richard Smothermon    Richard Smothermon, district attorney

Patty High    Patty High, Hired Prosecutor

Judge Craig Key    Judge Craig Key

Judge Vassar    Judge Vassar

    Sheila Kirk, Judge

Michele Reeves    Michelle Reeves, Juror


Sherri Heath   

Sherri Heath, Raye's Cousin, Family spokesperson, and President of Raye of Hope against wrongful convictions